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Message from the CEO

“Building a world where each of us can live ‘our own story’.”
Since its founding, coconala has sought to empower individuals and achieve this vision.

We have formulated an ESG Materiality Map based on discussions with internal and external stakeholders. In particular, we place importance together with internal and external shareholders on realizing a society where everyone can thrive through individual independence and mutual aid, creating a new market through the e-commercialization of services and maintaining a safe, secure and fair platform, and we believe that our very existence is strongly and directly connected to society.

For example, in the conventional society where people are supposed to belong to an organization, it was difficult for those who left their jobs after childbirth to work in their spare time. With coconala, however, it is now possible to work and connect with the world, even for short periods of time, making the most of one’s skills. In an era in which people are expected to live for 100 years, it is a great loss for Japan if those who are at the peak of their knowledge, experience, and skills are cut off from society the moment they leave their organizations due to retirement. We believe that if such people use coconala, they will be able to stay connected to society and receive feedback from society, which will make their own lives worth living.

In this way, we hope to help create an era in which individuals can shine brighter by offering equal opportunities for everyone to “stand in the batter’s box” of a better life, free from the constraints of time, place, environment and age.

Chief Executive Officer, coconala Inc.
Ayumu Suzuki


In order to meet the expectations of our stakeholders and the demands of society, we have formulated material issues (materiality) that we must prioritize. By tackling these material issues, we aim to both create social value and enhance corporate value.

Process to Identify Materiality

Select potential social issues
Based on the UN’s 17 SDGs and general sustainability accounting standards, we identified social issues highly relevant to our business activities based on internal discussion.
Identify importance based on stakeholder feedback
Through questionnaires and dialogue with shareholders, investors and coconala employees as well as sellers and buyers, who are important stakeholders forming the coconala economy, we collected feedback on expectations for our degree of our involvement in each social issue.
Discuss importance among company management
Based on the list of identified social issues, we discussed the strength of relevance to our management strategy and importance in achieving sustainable growth and identified the priority issues.
Create a materiality map

Materiality Map

Based on discussions with internal and external stakeholders, we created a materiality map. We place particular emphasis on social issues.

Future Plans

  • We intend to formulate concrete action plans, set qualitative and quantitative targets and assign an officer in charge of promotion in order to continuously monitor their content and impact on the issues identified as important in the Materiality Map.
  • We will regularly disclose information on this to our stakeholders through reports.
  • We plan to survey and review materiality every few years as necessary.