Please tell us about the establishment of the Company.
The Company was founded in July 2011 with the management vision of “Building a world where each of us can live ‘our own story.’”
In January 2012, the Company was established as WelSelf Inc., and, as the first step to realizing this management vision, commenced operations for “coconala” in July of the same year with the idea of it being a place to experience “sales” that utilizes each person’s strengths.
In June 2014, the trade name was changed to the current coconala Inc., and it has been carrying out operations for the skill marketplace since its founding with the aim of realizing the management vision.
When were shares listed?
Shares were listed on March 19, 2021.
Where are the shares listed?
They are listed on the Growth Market Index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
What is the securities code?
The securities code is 4176.
The industry is “Information & Communications.”
What is the trading unit of shares?
The trading unit of shares is 100 shares per unit.
When is the fiscal year end?
The fiscal year end is on August 31 of each year.
When is the announcement of financial results?
Please check the IR calendar.
When is the annual general meeting of shareholders?
It is planned to be held in November of each year.
Please tell us about your business activities.
For details, please check the Services page.